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Clovis Support & Intervention

Maple Creek is pleased to offer student support groups that are designed to help students in the following areas:
  • build self-esteem and confidence
  • improve communication skills
  • self motivate
  • learn coping skills necessary for coping in stressful situations
  • understand emotions and behaviors and how they affect themselves and others
These groups will meet once a week for thirty to sixty minutes depending upon group placement.  Each session lasts between six to eight weeks.


The MC Health Office Team conists of Jennifer Ghosoph RN, School Nurse and Peggy Lee, Health Services Assistant.

Heatlh Clinics

Health Reminder: Please keep your children home for 24 hours after a bout with vomiting, diarrhea, or a fever. If your children have been sick the evening before school, or during the night, we recommend that they stay at home that following day, both for their health and the protection of their classmates. Children often do not have a fever in the mornings, but they can have fevers in the afternoon as the normal cycle of the body's temperature increases then. Let's keep Huskies Healthy!

English Learners

Through an assessment process given in their primary language and English, Maple Creek identifies students who qualify for EL services.  Teachers of ELD and the bilingual instructional assistant keep records of regular student progress in the acquisition of the English language in the student’s EL folder.

As with all Maple Creek students, teachers record results from teacher-made tests, keep anecdotal records or student-teacher conferencing records.  Instruction for EL students is prescribed and implemented by the classroom teacher, to ensure access to the core curriculum.

ELD is taught daily to all EL students by authorized staff.

Student Study Team

Our Student Study Team provides support, suggestions and/or modifications to teachers and parents of at-risk and special needs students. The SST consists of teachers, administrator, RSP teacher, a certified child psychologist, and a certified speech and language therapist.  This group meets regularly to discuss a student’s strengths, areas of concern, strategies, and responsibilities to attain academic success.  These meetings can be teacher or parent initiated and in some cases may be attended by an individual qualified in Special Education.

Psych Services

Please call 327-7300

Special Education

All special education students are part of the total community with equal access to educational, co-curricular, and social activities in our school.  The IEP team determines appropriate special education services for each student.  The special education staff (Resource Academic Core, Teachers, Resource Specialist, Language Speech Specialist, School Psychologists, and Instructional Assistants) will work collaboratively with other members of our staff, including categorical programs, to provide an array of educational options to meet the varied needs of all students at our school.

The service delivery options for our special education staff may include: direct services, consultation and collaboration, alternative materials and/or curriculum, physical accommodations, modified teaching and testing strategies, curriculum, and material adaptation, and inservice training for other staff members.  Special education staff may work with students and/or staff in the regular classroom or a small group setting.

English Learner Advisory Committee

The English Learner Advisory Committee is made up of the principal, 3 staff members, 1 other staff, and 4 parents - two of which are parents of EL students.  Their peers elect the ELAC parents to a two-year term of office and function in an advisory capacity regarding the school plan for bilingual education.  The ELAC meets four times a year.  The first meeting is an orientation meeting when parents are trained on parliamentary procedures, the content of the School Site Plan, the CUSD Master Plan, and state, federal funding sources, and the SBCP budget.  The ELAC also has three business meetings to discuss EL issues, such as the importance of regular attendance and the R-30 Language Census and how it impacts the school, and we can improve ELD services.
2025 E. Teague
Fresno, CA 93720
(559) 327-7300

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